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Volunteer Application

Are you over 18 years old?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?


High School: Number of years completed:
College and/or Vocational School: Number of years completed:

Previous Volunteer Experience (List most recent volunteer experience first)

Date of volunteer service:
Date of volunteer service:

Employment History (List most recent employment first)

Date of employment:
Date of employment:

Additional Information

2. Do you consider yourself a Christian?

3. As a Christian, what is the basis of your salvation?

4. Please provide the following information concerning your local church.

5. This Organization is a Christian pro-life ministry. We believe that our faith in Jesus Christ empowers us, enables us, and motivates to provide pregnancy services in this community. Please write a brief statement about how your faith would affect your volunteer work at this center.

6. What special skills, talents, gifts, or personality traits would you bring to this ministry?

7. Have you ever counseled a woman who was considering an abortion?
8. Have you had any traumatic experiences relating to abortion?
9. Have you ever known a single pregnant woman?
10. Under what circumstances would you consider abortion as an alternative for a woman with an unplanned pregnancy?

11. Please list any books, films, or other material that you have read or viewed that relate to abortion, pregnancy, or alternatives to abortion.

12. How would you rate yourself in the following areas?

13. Are you currently or have you ever been involved in seeking to adopt a child?

14. What do you consider to be your possible areas of weakness?

15. Are there any particular personality types with whom you have difficulty working?
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