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Lunch 11:15-2pm

Dinner 6:15-9pm


Melissa Coles Photo.jpg

Melissa Coles​

Melissa Coles testimony inspired the box office and now international movie, LIFEMARK, which originated from the documentary “I Lived on Parker Avenue” where she reunites with her birth son 19 years after he was placed for adoption.

Sharing from a birthmother’s perspective, Melissa's story raises the rough, tough, loving, selfless raw truth of the adoption option. Melissa brings the perfectly imperfect beauty of adoption through her unfiltered truth. A secret for 19 years, even from those closest to her, including her mom and dad, she shares from her heart about the pregnancy, how her birth son was less than five seconds away from being a non-existent person and why she chose adoption. Her heart for God and people shines through her speaking as she assists families in unplanned pregnancies, helps to raise support for pregnancy centers and maternity homes in addition to speaking for other nonprofit organizations, schools, and churches.

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